The Real Palace in the World: Real Estate in Dubai

Considered the richest city, Dubai should be one in the list. The Real estate of Dubai is welcome to investors and buyers and since the Expo will be hosted in Dubai in 2020, the best time of the local real estate market would be a great rise.

Since the more real estate agencies are established in Dubai with national business, for all the buyers especially individual, they just need an original passport and several fees, for example, NOC fees, Mortgage registration and so on. The direct tax, property tax, is only 4% at the time of sale which is buyer and seller supposed to pay 2% each legally.

Moreover, the choices of real estate in Dubai are diverse and you can actually think the real palace or heaven is actually real and they are in Dubai. Because you can either choose townhouse or department with similar prices, each area will be around 1000 sq. ft. with different features including entertainment.

However, there might be some risks for the investors or buyers to consider such as the maintenance of common areas and management. Although the security and facilities are good, it might be an issue if the language gap. Therefore, a good real estate agency and the connection between government or foreign assistance would be a factor to be the key to making a good experience.

If you would like to have more details or willing to buy property in Dubai, it would be a great opportunity for you to make an action for royal life.

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